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Dear SBuild users,

The site is meant to serve you in your daily work using the SBuild tool. The site is organized in sections as follows:

That is because one of the principles of SBuild is to acknowledge that different users have different needs and then truly serve them from their different perspectives.

This site is not meant as an introduction to the concepts of SBuild or to software builds in general, although the section on command line usage and on porting can serve that purpose for some limited extent. This site is biased towards C/C++ builds although the tool is not limited to those kind of builds. It is just that they are now the bulk of the users.

Finally, know that SBuild does no miracle for you. Build scripts may still harbor problems (lack of flexibility, maintenance burden and even bugs) exactly like the C/C++ code itself, despite that many developers think of all build descriptions as being of lesser importance somehow. With great power comes great responsibility and SBuild gives you a lot of power.

You may want to check this brother site for other information on the SBuild tool.

Frequently asked questions

Command line user

Many users like to approach a new tool by tackling one practical problem directly and only go to the documentation when encountering one obstacle. Here is the grouping of the questions:
This section is mainly for the new user and the casual user. Most of the time, they just want to build or to learn "what is buildable here?".
  • The ultra-minimal short introduction
  • A tour of the features for the command line user
  • The most used command line idioms
  • FAQ command line users

C/C++ build script writer

C/C++ porting engineer

The build script writer is someone who need to extend an existing build. The main task is to create new targets, new variants and probably new scripts.
  • The anatomy of a build script
  • Writing targets
  • Writing runners
  • Variants
  • Using prebuilt code
  • Advanced C/C++ features
  • FAQ C/C++ build script writer
The porting engineer is someone who wants to add support for new platforms but otherwise reuse the scripts as much as possible .

Build Developer

What is not here

This is dedicated for build developers and release engineers. This is someone who designs and implement new kind of builds. He may also be the person who migrate an older build to the SBuild tool
  • Making a new SBuild project
  • Making a new target type
  • Making a new SBuild toolkit
  • FAQ build developer
  • This site doesn't aim to introduce SBuild for people about to choose a build tool. See this brother site for that purpose.
  • This site doesn't cover the development of the SBuild itself (bug reports, feature requests, etc.). You may still send your suggestions in free form, of course.

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